Church leaders from Abbeville take part in prayer at the recent Spirit Fest Christian Service Center.

Vermilion Parish Police Juror Ronald Darby (left) and Abbeville Mayor Mark Piazza join Christian Service Center Director Marcello Davis to show their support of the Center.

Brandon Mitchell, former NFL Player, shared is testimony as Spirit Fest.

Spirit Fest continues to grow.

Second Annual Spirit Fest celebrates Faith in community

The Christian Service Center recently hosted their 2nd Annual Spirit Fest.
It’s a special event that welcomes the whole community, regardless of what faith community a person belongs to ...or does not belong to.
It was a day where multiple pastors from various denominations gathered for prayer, worship, a testimony from former NFL player Brandon Mitchell. Pastor Lane Payne and his worship team led a portion of the day. Pastor Molly Magee from Abbeville United
Methodist Church and and newly ordained Mother Madge McLain from St. Paul's Episcopal Church supported the prayer ministry team. The dance team from Holy Ghost Congregational Church performed as the crowd gathered together in the joy-filled celebration. " Everyday, we pray with people who need our help, but today it was truly a celebration of hope, love and unity as we all came together,” said Marcelo Davis, Director of Operations.
A group of pastors and church leaders gathered for a few months planning the event.
"We love Spirit Fest, and hope that it continues to grow and the community sees we are here for them and we care about Feeding their Spirit." added John Listi, Director of Evangelization at St. Mary Magdalen. " Our mission is 'To Feed the Body, Mind and Spirit with Love' , this is one way that we fulfill our mission.
The Spirit Fest Coordinator, Kelli Davis said, "We enjoyed working with so many different pastors, and although we think we had a great turnout, we hope more church congregations attend in the future. It is such a wonderful opportunity to work together for a greater good in our community. " For any church or community leaders interested in participating in the planning of Spirit Fest for 2019, please contact Kelli Davis

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