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Ahna Vincent, 5th grade student at Rene Rost Middle School, was named Vermilion Parish Elementary Student of the Year. Presenting her with this award is Superintendent Brad Prudhomme and Madeline DeHart, Supervisor of Fine Arts. Ahna is the daughter of Chris Vincent and Bridget Vincent.

Rene Rost’s Ahna Vincent Vermilion Parish’s Elementary Student of the Year

KAPLAN — Rene Rost student Ahna Vincent received the news that she was chosen to be the Vermilion Parish Elementary Student of the Year.
Her parents Chris and Bridget were present at the ceremony. Vincent’s parents said that their daughter is nothing shy of an amazing young girl and they couldn’t be any prouder.
Ahna said that she was shocked that she received this title and that she is proud of herself. “I was really not expecting that,” she said, “I think I have a 4.0 gpa, but I was still shocked.”
The Student of the Year has big plans for her future and her parents are positive that she will succeed at anything. “I want to be a General Doctor when I get older,” she said, “My favorite class right now is Science and I’m learning a lot in that class and I want to take care of people.”
Her parents think it’s great, as well as it not being a huge surprise that she wanted to become a doctor. “Ahna is a natural caretaker, it’s her personality” her dad said, “She is driven, she is willing to put in the work in whatever she does.”
Depending on the day, Ahna has a full schedule. For fun, she likes to be involved in a lot. “On Wednesday’s I enjoy Catechism and on Thursdays I go to my dancing class, but on a normal day, I just do my homework or I will either play with my dog Nala or with my dad.”
Ahna is also a competitive Gymnast and has been for the past few years and is now a State Champion. Hard work and dedication is something that Ahna was born with and something that her parents saw very early on. “Training six days a week, being so patient with her dreams and herself, she can conquer anything.”
“She is just a special girl that impacts anyone she meets,” her mom said, “Her math teacher cried just as much when Ahna won Student of the Year, she just has a beautiful soul and is the sweetest girl.”
From the time Ahna was born, her parents say that she was reserved, but sweet and thoughtful and such a hard worker. “We understand why she won Student of the Year, because she is such a determined girl who is very hard on herself,” her mom said, “We could tell she was pretty special from early on.”
Ahna is happy to represent her school and her family. She, along with her parents, want all kids to know that it’s okay to feel scared or feel like you can’t do something, but make sure you always try. “That’s how Ahna is,” her dad said, “ She gets really nervous before a speech or something big like that, but as soon as it’s her turn, she faces it head on and the nerves seem to go away, she gets it.”
Ahna said that she is afraid of failure. Sometimes she is super hard on herself, but says that it’s what gets her to accomplish a lot. She has a younger sister and wants her sister to never give up on her goals and to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. “Leading by example is the best way I could explain it to my sister; sometimes words are not enough,” Ahna said.


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