erry Gaspard said he had great inspiration to write his book.

Gaspard shares stories, inspiration with new book

Jerry Gaspard, author of the book “Truth That Brings Peace, Love, Joy and Hope” grew up in a small town in ‘Cajun Country’. Being raised in your typical south Louisiana home, he credits his passion for gardening on being brought up on a cattle farm and growing their food.
In high school, Gaspard played sports which included baseball, basketball and track. His hobbies today rarely differ from his earlier years, such as watching LSU baseball, softball and football, the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and the New York Yankees.
Gaspard graduated from Louisiana State University with a B.S. in Vocational Agriculture Education and the school of hard knocks. He is a student of the Bible and loves to read inspirational books, much like his own.
In Gaspard’s book, the words “The Bible is God’s truth and he cannot lie. God’s word is his will for your life” greet you followed by numerous bible quotes, including more than one personal testimony of God’s Grace and Protection, Faith, and overcoming temptation, which are just a few of the things he writes about.
Gaspard says, “It only took me six months to write this book. I wrote it in 2017 and it was published by WestBow Press in 2018.”
“My inspiration for this book came from the Holy Spirit from the tragedies and experiences. I should have died three times in my life.”
Gaspard shares his first brush with death. “It’s far more detailed in my book, but basically this is what happened. You know, in order to pay for my college expenses, I worked on a drilling rig during my teenage years. Our station was about three feet above sea level and the seas were rough. I’d say about 12 to 15-foot seas, wearing heavy work attire, making it very difficult, if not impossible to swim, if need be. A fifteen foot wave came over me and I was sucked in to the ocean.”
Falling back in to the ocean, Gaspard felt ‘someone’ grabbing his hand, placing it on a ladder connected to the side of the barge, a ladder he was previously unaware of.
“It was my guardian angel who grabbed my hand, allowing me to climb aboard the barge, I should have drowned, but God had better plans for me.”
The book is described as an inspirational book that will provide truth about heaven and hell, God and the Devil, providing the purpose of God and the job of the Devil, giving the reader a chance to learn about free will and choosing where to spend eternity.
A review of this book reads “I have always been close to God, I have always believed and I have always had faith. This book reminds me of how bad it could be, how easily you could fall off the bandwagon, and how Faith could get you back up. I could not put this book down. I would recommend everyone to read this book, especially if you are having a hard time believing in the power of the Heavens.”

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